Ginko furniture

About Us

Ginko Ltd has produced high-quality solid wood chairs and furniture since its foundation in 1993.
Its production programme includes about a 100 different products of high quality, modern design, comfort and originality.

Our Motto

Our main focus is the production of chairs, bar stools, armchairs, semi-armchairs, two-seater sofas, chest of drawers and the dining room, café, hotel and commercial property furniture. Our basic motto is quality and the speed of delivery. Many years of production have convinced us that words from our customers have been the best advertising we have had.


Caring about the environment and the proper use of natural resources, we were among the first few in Serbia deciding to introduce the FSC standard and receiving the FSC certificate. All our products are tested at the authorized “Institute for Furniture Quality Control” in Belgrade and we have regularly received Q1 quality evaluation scores. Great care is taken to dispose of the technical waste, using a part of it  and briquetting the other, thus reducing environmental pollution to a minimum.
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